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Your pet can safely play at dog parks, or with other pets while wearing Spike Bite Vest. Its also safe for interaction.


Spike Bite Vest can be used for hikes, walks, yard play, or simply to ensure safety while your pet goes potty. Neon orange will ensure visibility at night, and the comfort of the neoprene vest helps with anxiety, keeping the pet warm in the cold, but rather cool in the heat due to specialized air flow .


Problem with Birds? Although Spike Bite Vest deters neck attacks it is also designed to deter pouncing attacks.


Do you live in an area where there are coyotes, or hawks? Does your neighbor allow their large dogs to roam freely throughout the neighborhood? Are you worried about taking your small dog to the dog park, or the beach? Do you own a larger dog that won’t stop picking on your smaller dog? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your small dog needs a Spike Bite coyote vest… Spike Bite can be worn in any setting for extended periods of time. It is so comfortable it can be slept in, and very safe, don’t worry about poking yourself. When a predator bites into Spike Bite, it will bite into Spikes and Metal plating. No Fuss No Rust we use stainless steel.

Photo Shown With Vest & Neck Guard

You can't go wrong with the Spike Bike Vest~ 

If you love your protect yourpet with Spike Bite.

This product was designed to save a life, and there is nothing like it.






Neck Protector- standalone protection for large dogs

The Neck Protector uses specialized pads, that have a metal base for maximum protection, and embedded spikes for extra defense. It is made of tactical fabric, it’s very light weight but heavy duty. Our comfortable materials assist in the relief of anxiety, and also promotes temperature control. This Standalone product will protect the jugular of your large dog.


Utility Velcro helps to fasten the straps together

Utility buckles secures this vest to petsVest may be used as harness

Air flow fabric stabilizes animal temperature.

Reflective material deters birds

Weighs 10 ozname tag loop included


Neck Protector- standalone protection for large dogs